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here is the back office of the responsive locomotion.

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« 50% of mobility challenges are related to travelers information. »

Bruno Marzloff, Groupe Chronos


Open source: the heart of responsive locomotion.

Navitia is sort of like chi – a universal energy that is the source of all other energy. In this case, it propels all of our other applications. By sharing source code, Navitia is able to multiply the impact of its data by opening up opportunities to create and innovate with it and through it.

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Offered Services

Next departures at a stop

Providing complete transport information: lines, stops, route schedules.

Calculating door-to-door and multimodal travel times.

Providing station and transport line timetables.

Giving access to real time passenger information (delays, etc.).

Isochrones calculation and spider maps.

Navitia: Open Inovation

Our systems are compatible with all data formats and can work with transport data of any kind, whether theoretical, cyclical, and/or real-time. Beyond that, our systems can mingle transport data with other data types like cultural, event and POI data.
We encourage “Navitia cocktails” that bring together data in different ways in the spirit of collaboration and open innovation.

Our technology

Thanks to our operational search algorithms, we can calculate the best itinerary for an individual, taking into account the context and expectations of similar travelers (using traveler profiles, delays, and constraints).

Have a little open data to go. Build new services.

An API to invent new functionalities around mobility and add passengers information to your services.

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2 options Free

Discover our mobility solution to fulfill all your digital projects. This free version allows you to access all the features of the API and Open data coverage. Premium

You want to have coverage data to measure, a greater number of API calls and technical support to assist you? feature lets you compose this offer to suit your needs.
Contact us for more information.

The +

Calculating multimodal travel times, isochrones, next departures, stop points around an area.

Mapping data taken from OpenStreetMap.

Great data quality (standard format GTFS) from Kisio Digital and other trusted sources.

Data from high volume areas like Paris, Nantes, Berlin, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, all Netherlands is available with coverage continuously expanding.


Tailor-made for you.

Every place has its own little quirks. We offer support that allows you to configure MyNavitia to suit your needs based on your goals and the strategy you'd like to implement on your network.

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Multi-devices: all traveler information services tailored to different media: web, smartphone, tablet, billboard, time sheets paper.

Designed and hosted: compatible with the most complex and designed to fit into any type of media and technology deals transport. An efficient and reliable service 24/24, 7/7.

Personnal services and personalized assistance: audit, was seized and placed in data quality, graphic design, SEO, editorial support and translation, tests users, trainings, etc.

Navitia Mobility Planner

Work the networks. Olé.

Navitia Mobility Planner provides better transport options to travelers, coordinating the movement of individuals with the rhythm of available vehicles. This tool allows you to send personalized information to each person, permitting the most seamless, comfortable and customizable commuting experience possible.

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The +

Search with one click for different options for each travel: suitable itineraries for each one

Tested and approved: our products are systematically tested by travelers.

Covers all transport options and their specific characteristics: complex lines, transport on demand service, walking, bike (private or sharing).

Multi-devices: responsive design adapts for use with any kind of terminal.

Navitia Mobility Manager

One interface to rule them all.

Manage all your internal tools and your favorite external tools, update your editorial content, send traffic alerts and more… all from a single portal. Navitia Mobility Manager is flexible, open and easy to use.

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Access to all trade tools from Canal TP. Connects to external tools (CMS, Google Analytics). Consistent graphic identity and ergonomic modules. Includes service and comprehensive management tools. Access to ticketing tools and user documentation.

Lieu idéal - Ideal Location (bêta)

Be where the grass is greener.

Lieu idéal helps individuals to locate the perfect place to live based on their commute. It displays a map of places most accessible by public transport given a person's frequent destinations. This service can easily be integrated to a website or mobile app.

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Our technology:

Lieu idéal applies the isochronous Navitia function that calculates from a given departure or destination location all itineraries that can be made, based on the desired travel time and/or the length of the journey.

Bisous (bêta)

The right place for good times.

Say goodbye to tedious negotiations about the right place to meet with friends. Bisous calculates the ideal meeting point depending on the location and needs of each person in the group.

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Our technology:

Bisous also relies on the isochronous Navitia function to optimize travel and make having real time quality time easier for friends.

<3 The app that brings friends together

Developing software that is innovative, useful and reliable is awesome. But having these with services that improve functionality and make them easier to use is even better. We'll even throw in some snacks.

Customized trainings

Customized Training
Because form is important. Harry Potter, for example, without Hogwarts, would remain the story of a boy that lived under the stairs. (Themes: Use of Canal TP and SNCF products)
Themes : Uses of our products.

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