We have a long list of clients and
we are proud of the work we've done with them.

We cover the entire railway network of France, including more than half of all French territory.
70% of those places equipped with multi-modal information systems use our services.
We take into account all modes of public transport – train, carpooling, metro, tram, boat and more.
Going beyond quantity, our methodology guarantees quality. Our intell is good, whether we're talking about theoretical, cyclical or real-time data.

Some of our references in detail


•  Route planning (public transportation as a complement to car travel)
•  Release of public transport data

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•  Multimodal information system
•  Responsive website, webdesign and mobile application.
•  Route planning based on an interactive map
•  Search nearby functionality
•  Traffic conditions information in the region including searchable current or future disruptions

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Ville de Poitiers

•  Route planning
•  Searchable timetables
•  Network interactive map

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•  Multimodal information system
•  Tarif calculation
•  Real-time traffic alerts / push notifications on their mobile application in the event of traffic disruption.

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SNCF Direct

•  Real-time passengers information in case of traffic disruptions
•  Front-end / information broadcast of SNCF platforms (website, mobiles applications, stations displays)
•  Technical architecture optimisation to boost servers up-time at peak times

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